#MIXTAPE025 – This is New Radio: A Riot Grrrl Mixtape by Jenny Woolworth

This mix features Jenny Woolworth’s favorite riot grrrl inspired songs. Play it loud! Jenny Woolworth is a DJ, blogger and digital music archivist currently based in London. Check out her website and blog at www.jennywoolworth.ch or follow the latest news on twitter: www.twitter.com/jennywoolworth. (photo by Pat Graham)


Heavens to Betsy – Factory
Scrawl – Clock Song (live)
Heavens to Betsy – Monsters
Tattle Tale – Fibreglass
Bikini Kill – Feels Blind
Gossip – (Take Back) The Revolution
Slant 6 – What Kind of Monster Are You?
Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl
Bratmobile – PxRxDxCxT
Frumpies – Weird Machine
Tiger Trap – Words and Smiles
Frightwig – My Crotch Does Not Say Go
7 Year Bitch – Dead Men Don’t Rape
Team Dresch – #1 Chance Pirate TV
CeBe Barnes Band – She’s a Winner
The Third Sex – Monster Snack
Bratmobile – Kiss & Ride
The Need – Sam
Erase Errata – Marathon
Huggy Bear – Her Jazz
Bikini Kill – New Radio
Huggy Bear – No Sleep