#MIXTAPE046 – Summer & Smitten by N

This Summer & Smitten mixtape is meant to be one of those mixes that’s only mildly nauseating but simultaneously cute and cheerful in order to facilitate any sort of summer romance(s) you may have going on (regardless of gender/sexualit y, of course). Artists featured include LGBTQ folks as well as straight/ally-folks since, you know, everybody has some summer loves – this mixtape also includes totally crush-worthy musicians regardless of who you’re attracted to, you know what I mean?

N is 20-years-old and has been working in music for two and-a-half years as an intern-turned-artist-manager (hyphens all over the place!). N also happens to be queer (and a bit smitten, hence this mildly nauseating playlist). In viewing music as a weird and wonderful gray area for gender/sexualit y, N has always found it interesting how songs about love don’t necessarily have to have been written per your own particular feelings in relation to who the song may have been written about; rather the song (however sweet /sad/etc) reflects what you want it to reflect. N has worked with a combination of straight and LGBTQ-identified artists thus far. N says: “Song topics and artist demographics vary immensely and I think that ‘s the beauty of music. It ‘s not meant to be alienating, really, it’s the opposite. Songs (particularly about all the gushy feelings of bein’ in love over the summer) are meant to connect with anyone who want s to listen.”

N also has a cute lil Tumblr and reads a lot.

1. I Like You So Much Bett er When You’re Naked – Ida Maria
2. I Was An Island – Allison Weiss
3. Next In Line – Walk The Moon
4. I’m In Love Wit h A Ripper – YACHT
5. The Magic of Crashing Stars – Tender Forever
6. Lasso – Phoenix
7. I Belong In Your Arms – Chairlift
8. Manchester – Kishi Bashi
9. Sleepover – Hospitality
10. Can You Tell – Ra Ra Riot
11. The Best Thing – Electric Youth
12. I’m Not Lonely Anymore – Jessica Lea Mayfield
13. New Letters – Company of Thieves