#MIXTAPE051 – Moody Gay Boys Love This Shit by INKMINK

This week’s mixtape is brought you by Kenneth Masloski, who has been making music under the name INKMINK since 2005. You can hear his music on episode 28 of our podcast. He writes instrumental ambient songs that are as superficially nebulous and vague as the emotions that inspire them. He has headphones semi-permanently attached to his ears and takes frequent breaks from schoolwork to walk and listen to music and ultimately process and slough away the emotional detritus that prevents him from being productive. For him, making music is the final step in exorcising those dross-like feelings – giving them a voice and ridding himself of them (until they insidiously creep back and he writes the same song over and over and over again). But the feelings themselves are dressed in the songs he immerses himself in, and the ultimate purging process is tainted (for better or for worse) by them.

The first ten tracks of this mix were a great influence on his last one; the last track is in some way his interpretation of the first ten and what they meant to him at this particular time in his life. This particular mix is about, in the simplest terms, unrequited love. But more specifically, about predicting unrequited love before it happens as a way to soften the blow. And it’s just so moody, too.

1. Balam Acab – “Welcome”
2. Dntel – “Bright Night”
3. Freddy Ruppert – untitled
4. Grouper – “Giving it to You”
5. Lucky Dragons – “The Electricians”
6. Matmos – “Cloudhoppers”
7. Parenthetical Girls – “Careful Who You Dance With”
8. A Severe Joy – “Falling Apart in Reverse”
9. Pictureplane – “Post Physical (Tearist Invasion Remix)”
10. Xiu Xiu – “Rose of Sharon (7″ version)”
11.¬†inkmink¬†– “I’m Going to Lose”