#MIXTAPE052 – Equalize Gets Warped by Equalize

All the bands on this mixtape follow their own set of rules and ideals, creating change and ending oppression by their music, their ideas, or their mere presence alone. All these bands and more were on Warped Tour this year. Equalize is a new organization that educates young music fans about acceptance for everyone, no matter who they love or how they identify, and gives youth the tools to enact positive changes in their own communities. In a nutshell, they go to concerts and music events, like Warped Tour, to spread the word that discriminating against and stereotyping people based on their sexual orientation and gender identity is WAY NOT COOL and give people ways to help others understand that and live a more positive lifestyle.


1) Taking Back Sunday- My Blue Heaven

2) Dead Sara- Weat herman

3)¬†Rise Against – Make it stop(September’s Children)

4) Lost prophets- Politics Of Emotion

5) Street Dogs- Rebel Song

6) Pour Habit – Institutions

7) Anti-Flag- Feminism is for Everybody

8) Street light Manifesto- They Provide The Paint

9) Cherri Bomb- Shake the Ground