#MIXTAPE059 – Monster Mash by Cucalorus

Monster Mash is not only the theme of this week’s mixtape, but it’s also the theme for this year’s Cucalorus Film Festival! This year more than 170 independent and international films will hit the screen at the festival this fall, with special programs focusing on social justice, North Carolina artists, dance, music videos, emerging directors, and hits from the festival circuit.  In order to pull it off, they need your help! They’ll be providing financial support to at least 80 of the 300+ artists in attendance. These talented and provocative creatures will be coming from all over the world to share stories and build community. Your dollars will help to support their work, their travel and their future artistic pursuits. Check out their Kickstarter campaign for some awesome rewards (watch the video below!). They only have a few days left!  Visit their website for the full festival schedule.