#MIXTAPE064 – This is The Narrows by m. craig

#MIXTAPE064 – This is The Narrows by m. craig by Homoground on Mixcloud

The Narrows is a queer steampunk fantasy novel set in a magical version of Brooklyn. It follows Sim as she discovers the Bikeway Narrows, an abandoned industrial neighborhood populated by questers and magic-weavers, bikers and coffee shop denizens who are looking to escape the oppressive city of Terresin. In this magical world plagued by inequality, greed and environmental woes, Sim must hold her own with her fearless and often dominating new friends while coming to terms with her sexuality and accepting her latent magical abilities.

In a fusion of music and literature, this mixtape brings life to the fantastical Brooklyn created in m. craig’s novel The Narrows. These songs conjure the book’s dark eerie streets, its bluegrass-loving whiskey wells and rowdy house shows. Mirroring the struggles of those who go to the Narrows, these are songs of both empowerment and self-destruction, of maddening love and the deep ache of a lonely heart.

On Thursday, November 1st, The Narrow’s author m. craig, Susan Kirschbaum (Who Town), Nathaniel KressenĀ (Concrete Fever), and Rami Shamir (Train to Pokipse) will talk about the struggles and joys of independent publishing at Spoonbill & Sugartown in Williamsburg. Specific issues of finance, book-production, editing, and promotion will also be addressed. More details about the event here. EVENT POSTPONED DUE TO #SANDY

1. War – Fair Lion
2. For Blue and Black – Monarchs
3. The Desert is On Fire – Murder By Death
4. Magic Arrow – Timber Timbre
5. Troublemaker – Shannon and the Clams
6. Oh My God – Ida Maria
7. Bad Date – Talk Normal
8. Noodles – Haybaby
9. Animal – The Men
10. Time Flies – Frank Hoier
11. Love Me Tenderly – The Felice Brothers
12. You Really Gotta Hold On Me – She & Him
13. Little Feet – backwords
14. If We’re Still Alive – Slow Club
15. We Breathe New Air (for the First Time) – Ben Seretan