#MIXTAPE074 – Travelogues Mixtape by Vessel


Vessel is an interview and event based project based out of Tampa, Florida. Vessel likes to talk about the struggles and successes that people come across as they work on the things they love. (vesselcollective.com)

We just hosted a story-telling series called The Travelogues, where 10 locals shared travel stories from India, Macedonia, Costa Rica, France, Ireland, England and the United States. This is the Travelogues mixtape, so you’ll hear songs from a couple speakers and event organizers, like Nicole Kibert (Macedonia), Christian Higgins (France), Vince Kral (An RV trip to Iowa), James DeFord (event logistics) and Gina Moccio (Vessel Founder). If you have any interest in hearing the travel stories told by these speakers, you can visit the website for audio clips. Each song has some background info. so you can get a feel for why they chose it and what place it has in their lives.

Tracklist with info on why they chose each song:

Nicole Kibert
1.”The Road” – Frank Turner
Many of Frank Turner’s songs have an element of wanderlust woven through but this song is a wanderer’s anthem. “I face the horizon, everywhere I go. I face the horizon, the horizon is my home.”

2. “Tour Song” – Jawbreaker
Naturally, most musicians are travelers and sometimes shows on the road don’t go so well and can make you question your decision to be on the road. “Seven hundred miles to play to fifteen angry men.” But even after a bad show, at least a traveling musician can proudly clam, “I’m living life my way.”

3. “Airport Monday Morning” – Lifetime
This song aptly captures the part of the trip when you know you have to go home the next day but you DO NOT want to go home just yet.

4. “Wayfarer” – Hot Water Music
As a wayfarer, I always identified with this Hot Water Music song and particularly this line, “We are but wayfarers with a wish to stay alive for a cause and for a dream. There’s much to move in a moving sea.”

Christian Higgins
5. “Chihuahua” – DJ Bobo
First of all, I want to stress that this is not a good song. There is a certain category of songs that have a kind of catchy beat and just enough English for a European with a middle-school education to understand and sing along to so it catches fire in Europe (see also:  Vengaboys, Black Eyed Peas).  When I was in Avignon, this song was EVERYWHERE.  Little kids and old folks singing it, people on the news.  Also add to it that it was on the soundtrack to Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and well… it’s musical barf.

6. “Je t’emmene au vent” – Louise Attaque
I really, really like this song in a completely non-ironic way.  It’s a great sound, reminds me a lot of Mumford & Sons today, that kind of Celtic folk rock music.

7. “Si seulement je pouvais lui manquer” – Calogero
Kind of like a rap ballad, but I like it.  Literally, the song title is “If only he missed me” and it’s about how the singer wished his father would connect with him.

8. “Four to the Floor (Thin White Duke remix)” – Starsailor
It’s gotta be this particular.  I certainly wouldn’t call myself a club person, but some songs just sound better in a crowded club with people dancing all over each other.

Vince Kral
9. “Time Stand Still” – Rush
This is a song about traveling through life while trying to stop, look around and experience the ‘now’. It always gives me a sense of travel and experience.

10. “Rise” – Public Image Limited
Thissong is one that is like an intellectual pep talk to keep going. All my life, I always felt I was constantly going against the grain, and when one is on such a path, it is easy to constantly juge oneself and wonder about everything you do. So it is a very aggressive song vocally and lyrically, but has a very soothing effect on my restless spirit.

11. “Space Grass” – Clutch
In 1996, I used to play in a heavy metal band called Pillbox, and once a month we would load into a little van drinking Jack Daniels and drive from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to the Illinois and Iowa border of Davenport. We’d play in open mic jams at a dive bar called the Yankee Clipper. ‘Space Grass’ was a favorite with the whole band and was always in the travel music rotation.

James DeFord
12. “Add It Up” – Violent Femmes
Driving my friend to see her boyfriend in New Orleans. Spending the night before crying together, getting up early, loading up on snacks and hitting the sinister, joyful road.

13. “No Love Lost” – Jo Division
NYC five years too late. Waiting for a wedding, having a clear drink in a bar on a Thursday afternoon too early. Feeling the old patterns spinning apart. Telling the same lies about what we’re going to do.

14. “None Shall Pass” – Aesop Rock
Stomping through sleety Boston streets, hands pocketed, racing a thought that won’t stop running through my head. Waiting for my friends to come back to their apartment. Feeling strong in the cold.

15. “You Could Die (Or This Might End)” – Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
Standing on a beach I didn’t think I’d make it back to, sinking into morning sand. Feeling an inverted vertigo, like I’m two people standing in one place, confusing space for time, all things in motion drawn mercifully still.

16. “History Lesson Part 2″ – Minutemen
Whenever we drove around at night and imagined all the places we’d go someday, and we thought about how it would feel to look back on the past from the future: in my head it always sounded exactly like this.

Gina Moccio
17. “Tulips” – Bloc Party
Feeling independent and content on a London tube ride alone after class. (Going from Gloucester Road to Edgware Road). This song to me stands for those fleeting moments of acceptance and letting things be exactly how they are.

18. “Hot Knives” – Bright Eyes
Briight Eyes’ ‘Cassadaga’ was one of my go-to albums for riding the Long Island Railroad into the city to work. It was a 30 or so minute ride that I took twice a day, about 4 days a week. The summer I spent in NY was the summer I graduated from college, and I was trying to carve out a place for myself. I had rigid focus, but not the right tools yet.

19. Walls – An Horse
I bought this album in Atlanta on the way up to New York. I listened to it a lot on my trips on the parkway into the city from Long Island while passing Greenpoint Cemetery, delivery trucks and graffiti. This song to me is about being completely bare and honest, but there’s a sadness to it.

20. “Apple of My Irony” – Maritime
For the first 4 months of our relationship, my boyfriend and I were long distance. I was living in Venice, Florida, a small beach town, and when he’d come visit, we did a lot of driving around between the surrounding cities.