#MIXTAPE080 – Adobe & Teardrops


This week’s mixtape was created by Adobe and Teardrops, a mostly alt-country blog. They cover anything with a twang and a sense of conviction and have also been known to explore other genres as well. The site is run by Rachel and this mix features a collection her favorite songs by queer-identified artists. Many of them reflect pivotal moments in Rachel’s own coming out. Reflect, enjoy, feel empowered.

(The band in the picture is called Two Cow Garage. They’re not featured in the tape but they’re fantastic, so check them out.)

Mixtape Playlist:

Asskickatrong — Fagatron
Star — Dingo 8
Tennessee — High Dive
Apollo — Mary Lasseigne
American Girl — Mary Lasseigne
Built to Last — Roxie Watson
Girls Are Insane — Oakland Wine Drinkers’ Union
Deja Vu — Mo Kenney
Hook, Line — Sonia Tetlow
Rodeo — Sonia Tetlow
Yellow Flip-Flops — Xylos
And by Queen… — dave end