#MIXTAPE088 – Cheers, Queers! by Beerded Ladies


This mixtape was compiled by Meredith Heil of Beerded Ladies, a female-run craft beer blog that features things like beer tourism, unlikely beer pairings and behind-the-bar opinion pieces.

“I’m a craft beer writer, a music lover and longtime friend of Homoground. What better way to combine my interests than make a beer-themed mixtape?? I see a lot of similarities between queer music and craft beer. Both were founded on DIY ethics, creativity and innovation. Both celebrate difference, standing out from the mainstream. And, most importantly, both are invested in sticking it to the man. While not all of these artists are queer, all of these songs rule and will provide the perfect backdrop for summer drinking, trying new beers and having a good old time.” – Meredith Heil

Check out the Beerded Ladies website www.beerdedladies.com and Meredith’s series on Autostraddle.


1. Your Heart Breaks: Warm In Winter
2. Silver Jews: Punks in the Beerlight
3. Lucinda Williams: Drunken Angel
4. Toby Foster: Reckless
5. Madeline: Dollar Beer
6. Tegan & Sara: I Hear Noises
7. Indigo Girls: Cold Beer and Remote Control
8. The Replacements: Beer for Breakfast
9. The Gits: Drinking Song

  • andthen

    good stuff.


    omg yes, SO good