#MIXTAPE089 – Love Letters Vol. 1 by TeknaColorNinja


#MIXTAPE089 – Love Letters Vol. 1 by TeknaColorNinja by Homoground on Mixcloud

Here’s what she says about this series and volume 1:

I’ve been hankering to do a ‘love mix’ for some time now and wanted it to be more than just a vibe, but a journey. My idea was to showcase the emotional, gentle, funky, groovy and uplifting beats in the form of a lyrical journey of “letters”. I also wanted to play with gender/pronoun-age when possible, expressing myself from a queer cis-gendered woman’s perspective, gathering inspiration from all sexual arenas in order to create this balance of sensuality, sincereness and by all means, a little cheese. The song selections may seem different from my bassy queen self, but yet, another shade of musical goodies via the NINJA. I’ve been harboring some of these tracks for a while, so expect more from this series as it develops, I hope you enjoy Love Letters Vol. 1!

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  • Rennie

    you can leave me love letters any day 😉

    • http://teknacolorninja.tumblr.com teknacolorninja

      *^_^* i’ll keep on it then 😉

  • rybreetree

    gofundme.com/thisbodywantstolive hey