#MIXTAPE096 – Hoax Zine Playlist #1: Manifest the Mystery by Rachel Hoax


This mixtape is intended for queers among us who are known for their appreciation of nineties leading ladies, distortion pedals, getting lost in daydreams, feminist utopian visions of social transformation and, of course, sludge metal.  Really, the only theme is that these are all songs Hoax Zine co-editor Rachel plays as background music while she is editing zine submissions.

Hoax Zine is a US bi-annual queer feminist compilation zine that aims to create a space to analyze the feminisms of our everyday lives. People of all lived experiences are encouraged to submit. Contributors do not have to identify with a particular gender and/or as feminists in order to contribute. Hoax Zine is currently accepting submissions for Issue #10 – Feminisms and Embodiments and Issue #11 – Feminisms and Strategy. Check out hoaxzine.tumblr.com and read the FAQs for more information.

Rachel is a cis white feminist music aficionado, cat enthusiast, and MSW candidate with roots in New York City. She co-edits Hoax Zine and additionally writes perzines about topics such as community building, call out culture, social service work, and queer identities.
1. the two funerals – this basement
2. helium – vibrations
3. pj harvey – legs
4.. great thunder – dishes in the sink
5. sonic youth – cotton crown
6. cat power – rockets
7.. jen schande – i really like sonic youth, and i really want to have sex with you
8.. kylesa – running red
9… shannon wright – noise parade
10. acid king – lead paint
11.. ragana – all’s lost
12. 1905 – can’t change everything
13.  trophy wife – four
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    So satisfying!