#MIXTAPE105 – Sleazy Seventies by Saddle of Centaur


#MIXTAPE105 – Sleazy Seventies by Saddle of Centaur by Homoground on Mixcloud

We here at Saddlehouse really love some obscure sleazy rock ‘n’ roll. Evidenced by the fact that we write and perform sleazy rock and roll. This is a great playlist for sitting in a half broken lawnchair with a warm Natural Light. Happy Summer!

Saddle of Centaur is two ladies, huge drums and 3 amps. We love playing shows. We love fun. Have us come to your town!

1) I’m Coming On – Buffalo
2) Ride In The Sky – Lucifer’s Friend
3) Hell-Cat – Scorpions
4) Tiger Rock – Tiger B Smith
5) Let Me Swim – Cactus
6) Sawdust Caesar – Leafhound
7) Thunder and Lightning – Possessed
8) For Mad Men Only – May Blitz
9) Ain’t No Loving Left – Fanny Adams
10) Friday the 13th – Atomic Rooster
11) The Red and The Black – Blue Oyster Cult
12) Nice Boys – Rose Tattoo

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