HOMOGROUND is dedicated to promoting equality and visibility for all people through music and art while maintaining a creative medium for queer & allied artists and music lovers worldwide. Basically, we are just a bunch of nerdy queers who like to make things.

 Fresh new music every week!
Every week we record, produce & distribute an audio podcast featuring music by queer & allied musicians. The podcast was created to bring exposure & access to queer bands, especially to those who live in isolated communities. New episodes go up on Sundays on Homoground.com. You can also subscribe on iTunes and get them directly to your device! >>>>

 Making your week more fun!
Homoground mixtapes are created by DJs, bloggers, activists, record labels and other rad folks! >>>>

 Music for your eyes!
Check out our video channel to see music videos from your favorite bands plus interviews, “backstage pass”, and live videos from events we’ve attended! >>>>

  Get off the Internet!
We don’t just sit at our computers all day (okay, maybe we do…) but throwing events and booking shows motivates us to go outside! Check out our upcoming shows. >>>>

 56 musicians, 14 artists, one deck
Check out our Kickstarter campaign where we raised over $12,000. You can view the finished cards and order a deck at www.feministcards.com