#MIXTAPE122 – ~Summer Breeze~ by Queers & Coffee

M122-Summer Breeze

The final weeks of summer are about winding down, reflecting, & fitting in some last minute fun before the leaves start falling. With this in mind, we bring you “~Summer Breeze~”, a mixtape by D (of Queers & Coffee) who wanted to evoke gentle winds, shimmering sunlight, & good company. Included are fresh tracks swirled in with […]

#MIXTAPE121 – MORNING SKIN by scantron


“Morning Skin” tells the story of allowing oneself to be vulnerable with another person. Sexual or not, intimacy in general can be a hard thing. It takes on many different forms, shows up in unexpected relationships and can be extremely healing & fulfilling when embodied. It’s scary to bare our true selves sometimes. Whether expressing how we feel, […]

[#MIXTAPE120] Try-Curious by Maggie Owsley


“Try-Curious” was put together by Maggie Owsley. Maggie was one of the artists involved in our Feminist Playing Card project. She created the joker cards featuring Tegan & Sara and Amy Ray & Emily Saliers (of the Indigo Girls). Tegan & Sara even said that these cards were their one of their “favourite gifts in a […]

#MIXTAPE118 – Vitamin B Summer Sessions by DJ Illexxandra

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 4.28.07 PM

The latest mixtape from Brooklyn-based DJ ILLEXXANDRA! This mix is part of Vitamin B’s Summer Session series. You can check out more from this series here. ILLEXXANDRA is a resident DJ at Vitamin B, New York’s longest running regular breakbeat party, and at Tropic of Bass in Washington, DC. She is also a resident of the […]

#MIXTAPE119 – “Universal plagues of love & death” by Echo Wilcox (of Ancient Warfare)


  This mixtape was put together by Echo Wilcox of Ancient Warfare, a dark psych group based in Lexington, KY releasing The Pale Horse,  their debut LP five years in the making. They will be on tour this summer with Hailey Wojcik. Tour dates below. Playlist:  Timber Timbre – “Woman” Desert Sessions – “Crawl Home” Mr. […]

#MIXTAPE117 – Foxy Babes in the Shady Shade by Dani Chase


July is a perfect mid-summer playlist: playful, jammy, with a twinge of nostalgia. This mixtape was put together by Dani Chase, a writer, photographer, and playlist enthusiast currently based in Atlanta. Her unwavering love for music started as a young child when her mother took away her first Alanis Morrisette album and gave it back with […]

#MIXTAPE116 – The Aughts by Maia Macdonald of Kid in the Attic


“These are some of my favorite songs kicking around on my hard drive, mostly from the mid to late 2000s, with a few notable exceptions. It pretty much sums up what you’d hear on my stereo at home on any given “chill” day.” – Maia Macdonald (Kid in the Attic) Kid in the Attic is […]



The emergence out of a headspace-darkness to enjoy the summer lightness. Violent resistance to stagnation can keep the mind in a war zone of overwork and anxiety. This set is about being on the search for a merciful part of our souls that allows us to relax without guilt. That process is not without a frenzy […]

#MIXTAPE114 – About a Girl by Jessie Farmer of Sick of Sarah

Sick of Sarah

This mixtape, “About a Girl”, was created for Homoground by Jessie Farmer of the band Sick of Sarah. Listen below: “It’s all better on the other side,” guitarist and lead singer Abisha Uhl cries on Anthem, the new EP by Twin Cities rockers Sick of Sarah. And for the band, who are self-releasing their material […]

#MIXTAPE113 – Slow Holler Tarot Project


Slow Holler Tarot Project Slow Holler is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund it’s first project: a collaboratively illustrated and imagined tarot deck. 29 artists and 3 writers with Southern ties or queer identities or both are working together to create the deck. Their Kickstarter ends April 30 at 7pm EDT. Learn more and support […]