Please keep in mind that we receive A LOT of submissions and we try our best to feature every single musician/band that submits their music to us. It may be weeks or months even before we get to yours, but we’ll get to it eventually. In the mean time, follow us on Facebook or twitter!



  • Nancykillsyou

    Has this been submitted?

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  • Gatekeeperstaff

    I appreciate all the work you do here.  Thank you so much for the platform.

  • Bekah Fly

    Hey Homoground you are so cool!  My bands called twin ghost dog howl….i donno if my computer spazzed or my stuff actually got thru to you.  I thought I’d ask but if I dont hear back I guess it wouldn’t hurt to send it again.  I hope you all are doing swell : ) sincerely- twin ghost dog howl 

  • bellsroar


  • Zecca

    Every time I try to submit my music, your “Send Now” button disappeared under these comments. Am I missing something or is this a glitch? Please advise.

    • scantron

      Hi Zecca, email your information here: sorry that is happening to you!

      • zecca

        Thanks, I’m working on it now. I’ll send the mp3 and pic as attachments.


        • zecca

          Hey Homoground, I sent you my completed submission form, mp3 and pic as you requested above nearly 2 weeks ago and my song has still not appeared on Homoground. Was there a problem with my submission?

          • scantron

            hi zecca, I received your submission but please bear with us. we get tons of submissions & it takes time to schedule them all out. we will contact you when your music is scheduled to be featured.

          • zecca

            OK. Thanks for your help…

  • Raymonde Fgt Gee

    Dear Homoground.

    I am trying to submit music but I cant really log in. How does it work and how do I get a password? Am I supposed to use the same password as for facebook?

    • scantron

      Hi Raymonde!

      Thanks for getting in touch. Our submissions are currently closed right now as we have a large queue of music to get through. If you’d like to be notified when submissions re-open please add yourself here:


  • The Bergamot

    We have been hustling the Brooklyn scene hard and have been songwriting together for over one decade. We are THE BERGAMOT and this music stand is ready to blow! Check our sound here Homoground we are ready to rock your air waves and talk about love, life, and the pursuit of happiness.
    Shine ON

  • Paco

    Hi, there!

    Kermit is an instrumental rock band with jazz, postrock, post-hardcore, electronica and alternative indie rock influences, and Itaca Records is an emerging postrock-jazz-electro label from Málaga (Spain) that comprises some of the most innovative Spanish mainly-instrumental acts nowadays.

    Kermit’s second album has been released by Itaca Records on CD, vinyl and name-your-price download on BandCamp (, and here’s the HD video single, titled “Magnitizdat”:

    Thanks for reading, listening and watching.
    Best wishes.

  • cyberbullymomclub

    Hi! Cyberbully Mom Club is a gal queer lo-fi bedroom pop band based in Philadelphia.

  • hollerprincess


    I’m Brittany Campbell, a singer/songwriter/producer from New York City. My album, “HEROES” dropped on May 21st and I am super duper hyped on this track called “Sexy Darth Vader”:. I was hoping that if you liked it you would post it :)

    You can listen to it here:

  • rich

    Looking forward to being able to submit. here is a website to visit if interested. My song “We Belong” is my coming out story.

  • theqwertygirls

    A little link to our wedding song, if that’s not too forward:

  • Alex

    This is our new song! We are pop:sch from Vienna/Austria.


  • Lila Rose
  • Johnny Darlin

    Excited to submit as well, big fan of the site and was looking forward to submitting as I worked on my EP! In case anyone in the comments section wants to check it out, I just released my first EP as Johnny Darlin, “Mr. Monogamy.” First singles “My Sister Went Out on a Date Tonight” and “Secret Love” below; but videos for all five songs at, (free) audio at Love to all of ya’ll!

  • Jay Spears

    Heya Homoground — did I upload mp3s? Can’t tell from yr site if I was successful or not.

    • homoground

      yep it was a success!

      • Jay Spears

        Thank you!