Tell us about your new album. How did it come together? What’s the process been like? How did you get connected with Bianca & Resonate? My new EP is called “Hate Me” and its a small collection of songs written around a time in my life when I was experiencing a lot of self-hatred and feelings of abandonment. It also represents the feeling when you sever ties with someone you were once extremely close with, wether it be a significant... Read More

[#173] RESONATE SPOTLIGHT: Olivia Wallace / Nire Nah / Night & Gale / Donkey Hotel / Dylan Wright {hosted by scantron}

Stream the episode above or get it on your devices. RSVP on Facebook. Olivia Wallace (Chicago, IL) website / soundcloud / twitter / Confessions Interview tracks: To Hell & Back, Fade In Fade Out, I wish this were a song about love, Sleeping in the dark Night & Gale (Chicago, IL) bandcamp / facebook / twitter tracks: State of Mind, Green, Darling Nire Nah (Chicago, IL) website / facebook / twitter / soundcloud tracks:... Read More

CONFESSIONS: Olivia Wallace

Tell us about your new album. How did it come together? What’s the process been like? How did you get connected with Bianca & Resonate? I found Resonate through social media, and the concept, well, resonated with me. In one sense, I felt like a fraud applying to Bianca’s project. I’ve never faced much discrimination as a queer musician. People assume I’m straight, and I don’t do a lot to correct them. I’m a... Read More

[#165] FED UP FEST! Slop Sink / Youth Crush / Alice Bag / Tensor / The Breathing Light / Moor Mother Goddess

Stream above or queer music podcast itunes. Fed Up Fest – July 24-26 2015 in Chicago. Slop Sink (Chicago, IL) bandcamp/ facebook Youth Crush (Milwaukee, WI & NYC) bandcamp / tumblr / facebook Alice Bag (Los Angeles, CA) website / twitter / facebook Tensor (Portland, OR) facebook / bandcamp The Breathing Light (Chicago, IL) facebook / tumblr / bandcamp Moor Mother Goddess (Philadelphia, PA) facebook / Rockers (monthly showcase in... Read More

[#133] FED UP FEST: The Homewreckers / In School / Sorrows / Anomaly / Force Quit / Groke / Peeple Watchin’

Stream above or subscribe to Homoground on iTunes and get it right to your phone!   FED UP FEST – July 25 – 27, 2014 – Chicago IL website / facebook / tumblr FULL LINEUP The Homewreckers (NYC) website / facebook In School (NYC) bandcamp Sorrows (NYC) bandcamp / facebook Anomaly (Chicago, IL) bandcamp / tumblr Force Quit (Toronto, Montreal, and Philadelphia) tumblr / bandcamp Groke (Providence, RI) bandcamp Peeple... Read More

[#126] Absolutely Not / Bad Behavior / Plastiq Passion / Shady Hawkins / Benny the Jet Rodriguez

download via iTunes. Absolutely Not (Chicago, IL) bandcamp / facebook / website Bad Behavior (NYC) bandcamp / facebook Plastiq Passion (NYC) website / facebook / twitter Shady Hawkins (Brooklyn, NY) bandcamp / facebook Benny and the Jet Rodriguez (San Pedro, CA) bandcamp / facebook  Read More

[#115] Swimsuit Addition / The Howly Dogs / Her Girl Friday / Orange Drink

Listen above ^^^ or subscribe on iTunes. Swimsuit Addition (Chicago, IL)  website / bandcamp / facebook / twitter The Howly Dogs (Minneapolis, MN) bandcamp / twitter Her Girl Friday (Los Angeles, CA)  website / bandcamp / facebook / twitter Orange Drink (Chicago, IL) website / facebook / twitter / hemlock records  Read More

[#093] Violaine / Weird Bug / Cayetana / Dr. Dolphin

Listen above ^^ or subscribe via iTunes. Violaine (Portland, OR) bandcamp Weird Bug (Seattle, WA)  bandcamp Cayetana (Philadelphia, PA) facebook / twitter Dr. Dolphin (Chicago, IL / Madison, WI) facebook  Read More

[#092] DJ Queen Plz / Levi Kreis

WARNING: This episode is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. very explicit content. I warned you… Listen above ^^^ or subscribe via iTunes. DJ Queen Plz (Durham, NC)  soundcloud / facebook Levi Kreis (Chicago, IL) website / twitter / facebook  Read More

[#091] Mount Moriah / Tica Douglas / The Molasses Gospel / The Paisley Fields / Ripley Caine & The Full Moon

Listen above ^^^ or get it on iTunes. Mount Moriah (Durham, NC)  website / facebook Spring 2013 Tour Dates: Mar 6, 2013 Charleston, SC Tin Roof Mar 7, 2013 Jacksonville, FL Jack Rabbits Mar 8, 2013 Orlando, FL Will’s Pub Mar 9, 2013 Atlanta, GA Drunken Unicorn Mar 10, 2013 Mobile, AL Alabama Music Box Mar 11, 2013 Baton Rouge, LA Spanish Moon Mar 18, 2013 Chicago, IL Schuba’s Mar 19, 2013 Detroit, MI Magic Stick Lounge Mar 20, 2013 Toronto,... Read More

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