#MIXTAPE090 – Real Talk by DJ PlayPlay

#MIXTAPE090 – Real Talk by DJ PlayPlay by Homoground on Mixcloud No stranger to Homoground, DJ PlayPlay’s latest mix features an energetic selection of house, juke, footwork, and trap remixes with a little 90’s nostalgia sprinkled throughout. PlayPlay is a queer DJ based in North Carolina who organizes and promotes benefits and 90’s themed parties. PlayPlay’s dream is to DJ queer dance parties around the globe; the... Read More


DJ PlayPlay is a queer turntablist, party promoter, and newbie producer who is obsessed with queer music and culture, ranging from NOLA bounce to Chicago juke to Bmore/Jersey club to the NYC ballroom scene. She incorporates these musics into her sets, leaving a trail of sweat and glitter wherever she goes. Her new mix starts off high energy, and drops down to a tempo towards the end that makes you want to go find a stripper pole, with hints of... Read More

#MIXTAPE048 – Bootywerk by DJ PlayPlay

#MIXTAPE048 – Bootywerk by DJ PlayPlay by Homoground on Mixcloud This mix is not safe for work, but very safe for your next workout . Drink plenty of water with this one. Features bounce, house, juke and club remixes. You could probably also vogue to a couple parts of this mix. Enjoy! DJ PlayPlay likes to throw dirty dirty dance parties all over NC, but find herself coming back often to the Pinhook in Durham. She doesn’t like... Read More

4/5 Durham NC: Pony Party w/ Dangerous Ponies, DJ PlayPlay & DJ Queen Plz

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[Homoground Podcast #049] DJ PlayPlay & DJ Queen Plz

Listen above ^ or subscribe to Homoground on iTunes. DJ PlayPlay (Durham/Charlotte, NC) DJ Queen Plz (Durham, NC)  Read More