#MIXTAPE053 – August Upon Us by DJ Synsonic

#MIXTAPE053 – August Upon Us by DJ Synsonic by Homoground on Mixcloud Have you ever let music take you on an odyssey? That’s what DJ Synsonic lets these songs do to her. She picked out the songs in this thirty minute mix based on the feeling they gave her and where it took her mentally. Half of the songs are just songs she’s been listening to while the other half expresses more of the emotions and life-stuff that she’s... Read More

#MIXTAPE042 – Pushing Up Daisies by DJ Synsonic

DJ Synsonic is Amanda Plummer, an expert at creating a fun and positive atmosphere with music. An acousticologist at her core, DJ Synsonic is a mastermind at making any event fun and exciting by using music to accompany memorable moments.¬† She is currently located in Jacksonville, FL.¬†This mix was made awhile back during a very messy break up. The songs reflect her state of mind during that time. DJSynsonic.com facebook.com/DJSynsonic 1. Ghost... Read More