[Homoground Podcast #181] These Knees / 1000 Years From Now / XO Jasen / Vero & Amy / TOMBOi {Hosted by scantron}

Listen above ^^^^ // Subscribe on iTunes These Knees (Cleveland, OH)  website / facebook /twitter 1000 Years From Now (Williamsburg, VA)  soundcloud / twitter XO Jasen (Portland, OR) website / bandcamp / instagram Vero & Amy (Los Angeles, CA)  facebook / twitter   TOMBOi (Jacksonville, FL) website / facebook / twitter  Read More

NEW MUSIC: Trust Games from The Sexbots

Trust Games by The Sexbots Portland-based musician/artist, Ilima Considine, teams up with producer Nick Rogers to create Trust Games, a 5 song EP of kinky 80’s cover songs. You can find Limited Edition CDs at thesexbots.bandcamp.com. Songs include: Concrete Blonde “Joey” The Cure “Love Song” Michael Jackson “Smooth Criminal” Billy Idol “White Wedding” Joy Division “Love Will Tear Us Apart”  Read More

[Homoground Podcast #146] Love and Caring / Filthy Liars / Teslas Revenge / Doppelbanger / Fit for Rivals / Womyn Boiz {hosted by scantron}

Stream above or subscribe to Homoground on iTunes. Love and Caring (Portland, OR)  bandcamp / facebook Filthy Liars (Vancouver, BC) bandcamp / facebook / youtube Telsas Revenge (Orange & Rockland County, NY) website / facebook Doppelbanger (Montreal, Québec) bandcamp Fit for Rivals (Jacksonville, FL) website / facebook Womyn Boiz (New York, NY) bandcamp / facebook    Read More

[Homoground Podcast #119] The Sexbots / Aspic Tines / Mark Castle / People at Parties

Listen above ^^^^ or subscribe on iTunes. The Sexbots (Portland, Oregon) website / facebook / youtube / bandcamp Aspic Tines (Berlin, Germany) soundcloud / youtube  / bandcamp Mark Castle (Tampa Bay, Florida) soundcloud / facebook / twitter / youtube People at Parties (Brooklyn / San Francisco) website / facebook / twitter  Read More

[Homoground Podcast #082] Jen Rock & The Crybabies / Ian Wilson / Anna Gutmanis / Stephan Nance

Listen above ^^^ or subscribe on iTunes. Jen Rock & The Crybabies (Johnson City, Tennessee)  website / reverbnation / bandcamp / facebook Ian Wilson (Chicago, IL)  website / facebook / reverbnation / twitter Anna Gutmanis (Toronto, Canada) website / facebook / twitter / myspace Stephan Nance (Eugene, Oregon) website / facebook / blogspot / twitter  Read More

[Homoground Podcast #076] Logan Lynn / Michael Perry / Joseph Mulhollen / Mike Hamel

Listen above or subscribe via iTunes! Logan Lynn (Portland, OR)  website / facebook / bandcamp / twitter / youtube Michael Perry (Montreal, Quebec)  soundcloud / facebook / twitter / cdbaby Joseph Mulhollen (Baltimore, MD) website / facebook / twitter Tour Dates: 10.12.12 Cafe Nola – Frederick, MD 10.13.12 Bar4 – Brooklyn, NY 10.15.12 Boulder Coffee – Rochester, NY 10.18.12 Fredonia State – Fredonia, NY 10.19.12 The Vault... Read More

[Homoground Podcast #038] The Shondes / Saddle of Centaur / Once a Pawn / Tin Kitchen / The Happening

Listen above ^ or subscribe to Homoground on iTunes. The Shondes (NYC) Check out more music by The Shondes on episode #14 featuring Sourpatch & Lovers. Saddle of Centaur (Baltimore, MD) Once a Pawn (Lincoln, NE) Check out more music by Once a Pawn on episode #29 also featuring Pariah Piranha, Slutever, The Pack A.D., and No/Ho/Mo. Tin Kitchen (New Brunswick, NJ) The Happening (Portland, OR)    Read More

#MIXTAPE009 – Punk Start My Heart by Punk Start My Heart Records

#MIXTAPE009 – Punk Start My Heart by Punk Start My Heart Records by Homoground on Mixcloud Punk Start My Heart is a feminist record label based in Portland, Oregon putting out records that you wanna listen to. 1. Bad Girls by Sexhair 2. Gimmieallofyou by Sunny Reaper 3. New York City by Forever 4. Let’s Get Educated by Sourpatch 5. Scorn by Fucking Lesbian Bitches 6. The Ones by Dark Entries 7. Little Lamb by Tombstalker 8. Why Can’t... Read More

[Homoground Podcast #029] Once A Pawn / Pariah Piranha / Slutever / The Pack A.D. / NO/HO/MO

Listen above ^ or subscribe to Homoground on iTunes. ONCE A PAWN (Lincoln, NE) Check out more music by Once a Pawn on episode #38 also featuring Saddle of Centaur, The Shondes, Tin Kitchen and The Happening.   PARIAH PIRANHA (harrisburg, Pa)  SLUTEVER (philly)  THE PACK A.D (Vancouver, British Columbia)  NO/HO/MO (portland, or)  Read More

[Homoground Podcast #024] Tacocat / Forever / Romantic Animal / Mitten

Listen above ^ or subscribe to Homoground on iTunes. TacocaT (seattle, wa) Forever (portland, or) Romantic Animal (greensboro, nc) Mitten (brooklyn, ny)  Read More

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