#MIXTAPE064 – This is The Narrows by m. craig

#MIXTAPE064 – This is The Narrows by m. craig by Homoground on Mixcloud The Narrows is a queer steampunk fantasy novel set in a magical version of Brooklyn. It follows Sim as she discovers the Bikeway Narrows, an abandoned industrial neighborhood populated by questers and magic-weavers, bikers and coffee shop denizens who are looking to escape the oppressive city of Terresin. In this magical world plagued by inequality, greed and environmental... Read More

[Homoground Podcast #037] edie sedgwick / body parts / talk normal / erase errata

Listen above ^ or subscribe to Homoground on iTunes. Edie Sedgwick (Brooklyn, NY) Body Parts (Brooklyn, NY) Talk Normal (Brooklyn, NY) Erase Errata (Oakland/Portland)      Read More