#MIXTAPE035 – Cassingle and lovin’ it (record sampler)

Starting from the ground up in May of 2011, Cassingle and Loving It Records was founded by Rachel Rhymes and Em Brownlowe. The initial goal was to release a cassette tape by Em’s band, The Happening, and then morphed into a full fledged musical (ad)venture based on the founder’s passion for independent music. Why cassettes? The founders of C.A.L.I. Records remember the magical feeling of making mix tapes and using the medium to share the music... Read More

[Homoground Podcast #038] The Shondes / Saddle of Centaur / Once a Pawn / Tin Kitchen / The Happening

Listen above ^ or subscribe to Homoground on iTunes. The Shondes (NYC) Check out more music by The Shondes on episode #14 featuring Sourpatch & Lovers. Saddle of Centaur (Baltimore, MD) Once a Pawn (Lincoln, NE) Check out more music by Once a Pawn on episode #29 also featuring Pariah Piranha, Slutever, The Pack A.D., and No/Ho/Mo. Tin Kitchen (New Brunswick, NJ) The Happening (Portland, OR)    Read More